Q. What is the Dance for a Cause Dance-a-Thon?
A: This Dance-a-thon is very similar to a walk-a-thon. Participants join teams (or dance as individuals) and raise money by dancing. Dance lessons, social dancing, contests, prizes and more will be enjoyed throughout the day. This event is open to all who want to participate – new beginners through advanced and no experience necessary! 

Q. Why is this event so important?
A: In 2009, the Mambo Room established the danceathon as a primary means to raise money for charitable causes and to support program development in the Mambo Room provided both in the studio and in the community. Due to the overwhelming generosity of participants over the years, the money raised has supported a number of charitable and worthy causes. As event organizers, our commitment is to provide a source of uplift for the community, and enjoyment for our generous fundraisers and guests.

Q. Do I have to dance for 12 hours?
A. No. Your team will dance for 12 hours. You must have one team member on the dance floor at all times. It’s like a relay.

Q. Do I have to be present for the whole 12 hours?
A. No. You must have one team member present the whole time. You can schedule times for each member if you would like.

Q. Do I have to know how to dance to participate?
A. No. There will be lessons all day long and there will be plenty of people willing to teach you.

Q. Do I need a partner or can I come by myself?
A. You do NOT need a partner. We will rotate people in classes so you will dance with everyone.  If you don’t know anyone, we promise you will leave with lots of friends! If you don’t have a team, just let us know and we will find you one, or you may register as an individual.

Q: How do I qualify my charity to receive a portion of the proceeds?
A: You must designate your charity when registering your team.  Charities must be 501c3 non profit charities to qualify.

Q. How are the proceeds split?
A. 50% of your teams’ funds (less expenses) will go directly to the charity that your team has designated. (Charities must be 501c3 non profit charities). The other 50% will stay with the studio to support community-oriented dance programs. As an example, if your team raises $1000 and expenses come out to $100 per team, we would deduct $100, then $450 would go directly to your charity and $450 would stay at Mambo Room to support program development. Expenses are expected to be approximately 10%.

Q. I don’t have a team, can I still participate?
A. Yes. You may donate $100 and participate for the whole day, or come for just part of the day and donate $10 per hour, but you will not be eligible for prizes. All donations from individuals will go into the general fund to be split between all qualified charities.

Q. How much money do I have to raise?
A. Each participant must raise at least $100 minimum to participate the whole day, but that will only cover your costs. You are encouraged to raise more. There are significant prizes for the people who raise the most money. Or you may come for just part of the day and donate $10 per hour.

Q. How should the check be made out?
A. To Mambo Room Danceathon

Q. Is the minimum donation $100?
A. No. There is no donation too small.

Q. How much money does my team need to raise?
A. Your team goal is $1000. The goal is not mandatory.

Q. How do I raise money?
A. Ask your friends, parents, co-workers and neighbors for donations. Tell them about the event and the cause. Maybe they will want to dance too! Have mini fundraisers if you like! Donors may donate through your button on the team page, or they may give you cash/check and you can turn it into the studio.

Q. How many people should be on each team?
A. Maximum of 10 people – (You may have more than one team as long as there are two team captains).

Q. Am I only allowed to dance with people on my team?
A. Of course not. You will want to meet and dance with people from all the other teams.

Q. How can I become part of a team?
A. You can start your own team by inviting some friends. Or, contact us to be put on a team.

Q. Do we have to have an even amount of girls and guys.
A. No. You can have an all guys team or an all girls team if you would like. There will be plenty of people to dance with!

Q: Will there be any food on site?
A. Yes, lunch and dinner are provided for free to all participants who raise their personal minimum ($100).

Q. What if someone wants to mail in a check?
A. Make sure they put your name in the memo field and have them mail it to Mambo Room: 400 B West 21st Street, Norfolk VA 23517. Checks should be made out to Mambo Room Danceathon.